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GApps Download Lineage OS

GApps Download for LineageOS

Cyanogen was a modern operating system, which was used widely to enhance the performance of the phone. Cyanogen was previously used to upgrade the options by installing a new operating system, which is usually not allowed by the phone manufacturer. Cyanogen has been replaced by Lineage, which can be a boon for the Android users to use advanced features by installing an upgraded operating system with GApps.

Cynagen is not hitting the market for quite some time now, as some internal issues raised up and started a new operating system with a different title called Lineage OS. Lineage works very much similar to cyanogens and has been recommended by a lot of people to install the operating when the phone starts functioning slowly because of an outdated operating system.

GApps Improves Performance

This helps you increase the speed of the phone, as you would be using the factory version of the operating system. As you can erase all the unwanted and default apps from your phone while installing lineage OS to your Android phone, you can expect a good pace on the phone compared to the previous version.

The default version of the Android comes with default apps, which could consume a lot of power and memory from the phone. Uninstalling and removing all the default applications, which would be of no use to use can help you improve the performance of the system on a regular basis.

GApps Download Lineage OS

Cyanogen or the lineage is an open source project, which can be used based on your capabilities of handling the operating system. As there is no support provided for the users, it is important to start the process, only when you are confident about managing the process altogether.

Installing GApps on Lineage OS

GApps and the market is one of the most popular platforms to buy and download different applications on a regular basis. It is important to get all the possible options when you are trying to use Lineage operating system. Some of the most important GApps are Google+, Gmail, GDrive, Google Earth, Google Docs, Google Music, market or play store, Google search and YouTube.

GApps are usually provided a default in any of the Android phones, as the operating system is made by the company ‘Google.’ To install an application, it is important to reach the market or the store to find the applications. What could happen when you do not have any of the GApps on your phone?

Lineage OS gives out an option to install GApps as a package and helps you download other applications with the aid of store or market. Other Google applications would come along with the package, which can be used for different purposes.


Why and When to Install Google Apps

As Lineage operating system is built on a different platform and company, you should be able to install any Google operating system by using custom ROM process. This helps you to use GApps, which is very much convenient to perform all kinds of tasks. The Google applications would not be available in any of the custom ROM like Marshmallow.

You can flash your device to work

As you cannot use Google applications with the help of custom ROM process, it is important to find out an alternative way to use the same. You can flash it on your device to download Google applications from the internet. This process works only for Nougat ROM, which cannot be used with any other Android version or custom ROM. GApps support from Android 7.1 or CyanogenMod 14.1, and there are multiple variants of Google applications available for Lineage OS.

Precautions for Installing GApps on Lineage OS

Ensure to charge your phone completely before starting the process, as the process consumes a lot of power and you would not be able to see the battery status while the work is going on.

The process of installing GApps on the lineage operating is a complicated process, and the chances of losing data are very much possible. Ensure to back up your data properly before starting the process

Install CWM or TWRP, as these tools help you to complete the process smoothly. CWM and TWRP is a recommended application, which can be used while installing GApps to your phone.

Ensure to check your operating before starting the process, as the Google applications work only for Android 7.1 or 6.0 versions

How to Install GApps for Lineage OS

To download GApps for Lineage OS, you should know the version name to install the right file.

Click on the right version name to download the appropriate GApps zip folder to your computer.

ARM ARM 64 X86 X86-64
Aroma Aroma Aroma Aroma
Super Super Super Super
Stock Stock Stock Stock
Full Full Full Full
Micro Micro Micro Micro
nano nano nano nano
Pico Pico Pico PICO

Once you have downloaded the appropriate Lineage OS to your computer. Use either a USB card to cable to transfer the downloaded zip file to your phone.

  • Boot your phone in recovery mode by pressing the volume button firmly
  • Click on Volume up button and select the recovery option to boot the phone
  • You enter the TWRP recovery mode on your phone
  • Go to install and select GApps and swipe to install.
  • The installation process starts and ensures to wait till it completes successfully.

Conclusion of GApps

GApps download for Lineage OS can be beneficial to a lot of users, who are using Lineage OS on their mobile phone. As Google Apps provides you a lot of benefits regarding Smartphone usage, lineage OS users will have to find a way to install GApps. Some of the highly tested processes can help people to go through a peaceful and a flawless process on the phone.

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